Calling for SSCC Captain Nominations - 2018/19
Date of Event : Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:25PM

The Club is officially calling for Captain Nominations for our 4 teams for season 2018/19.  PCA has us currently scheduled into 1st & 3rd Grade as our 2 day teams, and 7th and 8th Grades as our 1 day teams.
Nominations close on Thurs 30th Aug.
Captains will be decided on at the committee meeting on Mon 3rd Sept.
Captains announced on Wed 5th Sept.
Please note the Captains expectations as per our club By-Laws:
6.2 Expectations of Grade Captains

a) The Grade Captains can expect to manage the affairs of their team, without undue interference from the Executive. It is expected that the Grade Captain will be responsible for the following issues:

• care of Club equipment

• collection and submission of match fees to the Treasurer 

• preparation of the playing field on match days, i.e. crease lines are clearly marked, boundary markers installed, wicket boxes full of damp sand, chalk available, etc 

• payment of Umpire’s fees 

• conduct of players in accordance with PCA regulations and in the sprit of cricket 

• ensure water container and clean cups are ready prior to the start of the match at Bennett park 

• preparation and forwarding of match report and Umpires report to both the Association and the Club Statistical Officer by the due date 

• attendance at all selection nights or organization of a substitute 

• pick up afternoon tea for home game from nominated supplier 

• ensure change rooms are neat and tidy after use and woodlands rooms locked up properly 

• ensure equipment at Bennett park is properly packed away i.e. scoreboard in shed, cones and stumps packed neatly in shed, sponsors signs brought in and change room tidy 

• ensure all players are dress in correct cricket attire whilst on field • carry out verbal match report back at club or arrange a substitute 

• be at the ground at least an hour prior to the start of play and have team sheets completed 20 min prior to the start of play 

• comply with all reasonable directives from attending PCA umpires 

• Manage the proper timekeeping of sscc players around drinks breaks and tea breaks. These are going to be strictly enforced by the PCA this season.

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