Did You Knows - Grand Finals 17/18
Date of Event : Sun Apr 1, 2018 8:01PM

Did you knows – Grand Finals


The 4ths Premiership win last weekend in 7th Grade was their 6th win in a Grand Final from 8 attempts and they went to Back to Back after their victory in 9th Grade last season. This was Scarborough’s 19th Club premiership and 25th overall with the Doubleview and Lake Monger Premierships included.


The club finally dispelled its disappointing finals record down at Woodlands Reserve, with the 4ths win in the GF. Our Grand Final record now stands at 1 wins from 3 Grand Finals at Woodlands.


With the Tops loss in their Grand Final, their record now stands at 3 wins and 3 losses in the premiership decider.


Dave ‘Spanna’ Spencer became the 2nd oldest player to play in a Top side Grand Final team at 44 yrs and 4 months.  John ‘Macca’ McNamara still holds the record at 46 years and 5 months after playing in the Tops winning 1994/95 premiership team.


4ths Captain James ‘JMac’ McAuliffe claimed his 5th premiership in just his 6th season at the club, he now joins Roger ‘Salad Dodger’ Smith and Adam ‘The Axe Murderer’ Ballucci with 5 premiership wins each, Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood with 6 wins has the most premierships for the club. Dave ‘Cougar’ Smith, James ‘Ports’ Porter and Steve Emery each played in their 2nd premiership. All other players in the 4ths team played in their first premiership for the club.


Mark ‘Junior’ Senior still holds the record of 314 games since his last premiership, which was in 91/92.  Mark ‘Jaws’ Woods holds the record of 181 games without ever winning a premiership.


JMac likes running between the wickets this season after scoring the fewest boundaries in a season with a run tally of least 390 runs. He hit just 15 boundaries (15 x 4’s and 0 x 6’s) in his season total of 396 runs which also included 0 boundaries in his Grand Final of score of 42 runs! Ross ‘Rossco’ Fraser previously had the record with 24 boundaries (22 x 4’s and 2 x 6’s) in 2006/07 in his season run tally of 400 runs.  At the other end of the scale Dave ‘Spanna’ Spencer holds the record with 127 boundaries (100 x 4’s and 27 x 6’s) scored in his 958 run season in 2014/15.



Club Leaders  – After GF


Thomas ‘Gaj’ Gajewksi was the clubs leading run scorer in finals with 62 runs (record still is 152 with Dave ‘Spence’ Spencer in 16/17).


James ‘Ports’ Porter  & Dave Tomkin were the clubs leading wicket takers in finals with 5 wickets each (record still is 17 wickets with Roger “Big Boy” Smith in 08/09).


Dave ‘Cougar’ Smith was the clubs leading fielder in the finals with 4 dismissals (record still is 9 with Garry “Choco” Powell in 90/91).


Ollie O’Meehan was the clubs leading all rounder in the finals with 121 points (record still is 294 with Roger “Big Boy” Smith in 08/09).



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Author: Joel Norman