Did You Knows - Rd 8 & 9 17/18
Date of Event : Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:31PM

Did you knows – Rd 8


The clubs overall winning % for all teams at this stage of the season stands at 80% which is the highest we’ve ever had for a season.  Our previous highest club winning % is 70% in 2004/05 when we had all 4 teams in the GF and won 2 premierships.


Nick Kelly made highest score for the club after scoring 82 runs against Belmont in the 2nds big win.



Did you knows – Rd 9


Kim McNeill scored his first century with the club with 106no in the 3rds against Carlisle on the weekend.


The 2nds Team and 3rds Team were poles apart regarding experience with the 2nds fielding 4 debutants and a 2nd gamer for a total experience of 291 games between the players (capt Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer contributed nearly half of this total), whilst the 3rds had 1854 games of experience which was our 2nd most experienced team ever.  This was just behind the 1953 games of experience for Mark ‘Bero’ Berich’s 400th game for the 3rds in Rd 2 2014/15.



Club Leaders  – After Rd 9


Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer is the clubs leading run scorer with 427 runs. (Record is 883 runs by Dixie Joy in 04/05 & Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer in 14/15)


Lachy ‘Chunky’ Ashton is the clubs leading wicket taker with 20 wickets. (Record is Sam Ward with 49 wickets in 04/05).


Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood is the clubs leading fielder with 10 dismissals. (Record is Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood with 37 dismissals in 03/04).


Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer is the clubs leading all rounder with 467 points this season. (Record is Greg ‘Grinnas’ Dimery with 1157 points 07/08)


Ben Fitzgerald and Jordan Pearce are the clubs leaders in the duck trophy with 3 ducks each. (Record is 7 ducks by Barry ‘AJ’ Brooks in 99/00).

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Author: Joel Norman