Did You Knows - Rd 7 17/18
Date of Event : Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:30PM

Did you knows – Rd 7


The Top side continued their winning run but missed another 100+ run victory after winning by 78 runs against Green Range.


Connor Moors in the top sides 2nd innings bowling against Green Range managed to concede 24 runs in an over, still short of Sammy Ward’s record of conceding 27 runs in an over against Leederville in the tops in 2003/04.


Roger ‘Salad Dodger’ Smith made his 5,000th club run on the weekend in the 3rds loss to Ascot.  Salad has made 303 runs in the tops, 2,562 in the 2nds, 1,971 in the 3rds, 117 in the 4ths and 62 runs in the 5ths. His best season was 2009/10 when he made 462 runs and he has a highest score of 155 against Ascot also in 2009/10.


Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood winning run as captain came to an end with 18 victories in a row after the 3rds loss to Ascot on the weekend.  He captained the 4ths to 12 wins in a row to end last season and the 3rds to 6 wins to start this season.


Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood took his 450th dismissal for the club in the 3rds against Ascot.


James ‘JMac’ McAuliffe continued his great record against Leederville in the 4ths win over them.  JMac who made 56 runs in the win, has now scored over 1/3 of his career runs against Leederville and both of his 50’s have been scored against them as well!



Club Leaders  – After Rd 7


Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer is the clubs leading run scorer with 370 runs. (Record is 883 runs by Dixie Joy in 04/05 & Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer in 14/15)


Roger ‘Salad Dodger’ Smith & Lachy ‘Chunky’ Ashton are the clubs leading wicket taker with 17 wickets each. (Record is Sam Ward with 49 wickets in 04/05).


Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood is the clubs leading fielder with 9 dismissals. (Record is Steve ‘Locky’ Lockwood with 37 dismissals in 03/04).


Dave ‘Spanner’ Spencer is the clubs leading all rounder with 410 points this season. (Record is Greg ‘Grinnas’ Dimery with 1157 points 07/08)


Numerous players are the clubs leaders in the duck trophy with 2 ducks each. (Record is 7 ducks by Barry ‘AJ’ Brooks in 99/00).


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Author: Joel Norman