Hall of Fame - Batting | Scarborough Sharks Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11075186521534743541020107Mitchell HoganScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day7 1Coolbinia
21031162561534743541027103*Jarrod M AspinallScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day9 1Stirling
3102993341534743541035102Jack B JoyScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day11 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
4892002209153474354162889*Chris MurphyScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day6 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
587704554153474354136287Scott HazeldenScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day9 1S.Rossmoyne
68699334153474354099686Jack B JoyScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day1 1Dianella
78275475153474354133982Joel L NormanScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day5 1Canning Vale
88299334153474354101582Jack B JoyScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day6 1Mundaring
97599334153474354104875Jack B JoyScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day14 1Coolbinia
107399334153474354102773Jack B JoyScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day9 1Stirling
1167518652153474354103067Mitchell HoganScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day10 1Glen Forrest
1267210193153474354101567*Ryan J ChristieScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day6 1Mundaring
136775467153474354164867*Craig M GrothScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day11 1Pilbara Lions Cricket Club Inc.
1466135970153474354134866*Scott HineScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day6 1Mt Lawley
1565689347153474354135465Joshua DawsonScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day8 1Midland
16651998071153474354137965*Rory MacFarlane-BarrowScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day13 1Midland
1761181653153474354099661*David J SpencerScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day1 1Dianella
1858860357153474354137958*Steven R WaddingtonScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day13 1Midland
1958989190153474354165658Deon BenadeScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day13 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
2057116256153474354099957Jarrod M AspinallScarborough2020/2021A Grade One Day2 1Stirling
21572104266153474354162057Trevor YoungScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day4 1Pilbara Lions Cricket Club Inc.
2255704554153474354138955Scott HazeldenScarborough2020/2021C Grade One DayQF 1Mt Lawley
2353135970153474354133553Scott HineScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day4 1Glen Forrest
24522002209153474354165652Chris MurphyScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day13 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
2551975085153474354162851*Luke W CrosswellScarborough2020/2021E Grade One Day6 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
2650135970153474354136250*Scott HineScarborough2020/2021C Grade One Day9 1S.Rossmoyne
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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